Preparation Notes & Checklists

2024 Talent Academy (TA)

You may download the TA Preparation Notes and Checklists from this page. Click here if you are unsure of the category you should apply to.

Year 1: DSA-Sec (Primary 6 PSLE) Applicants
Year 1: DSA-Sec (Non-MOE) (Grade 6) Applicants
Year 2: Non-DSA (Sec 1 Posting Group 3) Applicants
Year 2: Non-DSA (Grade 7 Returning Singaporean/ Returning Singapore Permanent Resident) Applicants
Year 5 IBCP Applicants
Year 5 IBDP Applicants
2024 Ad-hoc Admission Exercise [Closed]
No Vacancies for Year 3 Admission for AY2025.
2024 Supplementary Intake Exercise (SIE) [Closed]

Application may open subject to available vacancies.

Click here to find out more about the SIE.

  • Dance
  • Literary Arts
  • Music | Samples of Western Classical for Voice applicants
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts