Current Students'
When I visited the Open House in 2018, I was attracted by the variety of programmes offered at SOTA, including its extensive Music curriculum. I was also captivated by the prospect of immersing myself in music and interacting with others who shared the same passion... My advice for students considering SOTA is to have fun! Many people think of SOTA as very stressful and taxing. While that may be true sometimes, it is important to take a step back and enjoy the process as you embark on this artistic journey.

Shadrach Johanan Yankaya
(Year 5, Music)
My parents heard about SOTA when I was just three to five years old, and I recall going to quite a few open houses with them and thinking to myself, “Wow! This is an amazing school. I want to come here!” As I grew older, I started to understand how the school helps to support students in their learning, in terms of both academics and the arts... The school embodies a uniqueness that helps realise a student's creative potential, and it helps us learn to better love and appreciate the arts too!

Jyotsnaa Jayashanker
(Year 4, Theatre)
One of the extremely striking things about this school is the diversity of people. People from all across the spectrum, from different schools, different cultures, and different backgrounds. The one thing that brought us all here together was our love for the arts. It is one thing all of us have in common at school. I hear a lot of my friends tell me that they've found people they can relate to so much as artists, and I wholeheartedly agree. There are people who seem completely different in every aspect possible, and yet there's so much I've learned from them.

Tan Ee Ning Maegan
(Year 6, Literary Arts)
Visual Arts lessons are interactive and fun! There are many different classes such as Drawing and Painting, Theory and History of Art, Visual Journaling, and Sculpture/Ceramics. Being exposed to such a wide variety of artmaking techniques has allowed me to explore and experiment with new mediums, and gave me the opportunity to push my boundaries as an artist. Over the years, I've also met and made new friends who share the same passion for Visual Arts. Overall, it's been a really fun and enriching experience.”

Leung Ler Tong
(Year 4, Visual Arts)
I am so grateful for the opportunities of growth SOTA has provided me with. Despite my Year 1 dance journey being filled with long hours and the tiring physical (and mental!) workload, I have grown to become a more self-reflective learner, not just in dance but in other areas as well. The supportive community of fellow dancers whom I have bonded with over the year made the tough times so much more fun and bearable. It was also very assuring that my dance mentors were always there to guide and support us whenever we had doubts.

Cai Ruyin Hannah
(Year 2, Dance)